New Levels, New Devils

Whilst praying for your dreams to come true.. maybe take a minute to pray for STRENGTH to handle the trials, frustrations, pains and turmoil that come with new levels of success and responsibility!!

Its a new year and for most people, the new year comes with a promise of a fresh start, of resolutions to be better and do better. To push forward even closer towards our dreams. With determination, motivation, patience and a whole lotta sweat; we will get there but what happens once we get it?

I know from experience that getting what we pray for can sometimes be a shock to the system. I began last year with fresh eyes, an open heart and an intense readiness to smash out my goals. I prayed for change and boy did I get it! How did I end the year? Kinda not having achieved many of the (somewhat unrealistic) goals I had set for myself..

I mean, I'm happy in some aspects of my life but the things the Universe blessed me with (that I prayed for!), I couldn't handle the responsibility and pressure that came with it and I freaked out!

What's changed then this time around? I have learned that if I sit on my blessings, they slip away... and I don't move, I don't grow and I don't change. What's the point of celebrating a new year if you don't have the strength to grab that newness by the balls and make something happen??

This year for me is about setting small(er), more achievable goals for myself and smashing them out one at a time. Of holding myself accountable when I'm not on my game but also not beating myself up for the times I need to take a breath and slow down.

So here's to us, here's to growth and here's to the strength we need to handle all that comes with bettering ourselves!!

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