Makeup as an ART

As a professional within the Hair&Makeup industry, I've always believed that the most effective makeup for a "beauty look" is best achieved using the features you were blessed with and enhancing them subtly with product and blurring imperfections as needed.

I do love makeup that transforms the face&outside of "beauty looks" I am obsessed with avant garde makeup (see @romerojennings latest art with MAC Playlab).

However, in the last two years I have noticed a spike in makeup that seeks to transform the face to the point of being unrecognisable. What I am seeing, particularly due to the social-media-drenched world we live in, is faces that are too matte, over-powdered, with so many layers to the point where the skin looks worse than if there were no makeup applied at all!

What I want to achieve this year as an artist is to keep educating beauty lovers on learning the ART within beauty makeup. Learning that not every skin type needs primer, powder doesn't always follow foundation, cream blush is AMAZING and undone, worn-in looks are to-die-for. I consider myself a lifelong student of makeup.. always seeking to learn new techniques, new ways of doing things to further my craft and share my knowledge with others. This year is about changing the game and showing eachother that you don't need a FaceTune-esque face to be beautiful

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