Why I Broke Up With My Favourite Concealer

For the last two years I have had a love affair with MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer. I have used it both on myself and clients and have touted the benefits of this glorious little bottle of waterproof goodness for what seems like a Millenia. Medium coverage, buildable, crease-proof, satin matte finish, 15 hour wear... need I go on?!

Anyway, almost two months ago I had my first ever facial at Face Plus MediSpa in Bankstown and some serious light was shed on what I'm putting into and onto my face and how my complacent attitude towards my skin has left my face kinda dry and seriously blah.

Skin Guru Sue Dann gave me the low-down on what's been up with my blah skin. She explained to me why despite following my usual skincare regimen (oil cleanser, gel cleanser, serum, moisturiser/oil, eye cream, scrub+mask once a week) nothing really seemed to get rid of the dryness that had developed in my T-zone. To cut it short, my beloved Concealer was unfortunately the culprit.. *cue the violins*

So, Pro Longwear Concealer contains an ingredient called Dimethecone (a lot of skincare and makeup products contain this). It's a man-made silicone used to smooth the skin's texture by creating a thin layer over the surface. Creases, pores, even dermatitis.. gone! Now in small dosages it's not too bad but because I was using it day in, day out for so long (to combat the shine in my t-zone/highlight it controlled the shine) my skin actually became dehydrated. No matter what I used on my skin to hydrate it, nothing seemed to make a dent on that tightness. My prolonged (get it.. ;) ) use had made my skin was THIRSTY! I never realized it could be my makeup because I always had my cleansing regimen down pat!! Right?! Wrong.

So after Sue explained all of this to me, with tears in my eyes (jks) I realised then and there I needed to break up with my concealer. Not concealer altogether.. just my clingy, monogamous relationship with Pro Long Wear. To be honest it was a long time coming.. for someone with clear skin who loves fresh dewy looks, I used way too much and I needed to switch up my products anyway.

Change is good! I will however, continue to use my old love on clients (and myself on special occasions) and models because Pro Long is still Bae for photo shoots and makeup that needs to last all day. For everyday, I've found a new lover but I'll save that tale for another day ;)

*image via Amazon.com

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