From the age of 3, I have been obsessed with watching my Mum put her makeup on in the morning and watching the transformation from Mum in her pjs, to Mum who looked like a glamorous version of Monica from PlaySchool (not really but when you're little you have a very small scope of faces to relate your Mama to). I didn't know what she was doing but I always loved the results. The other day I had the great privilege to do my gorgeous Mama's makeup for an event! This is what I did to rewind the clock ;)

So to start with, my mum has very dry skin. This is mostly due to dehydration but also the air where she lives can be very drying on the skin. As you can see in the photo, she has dark circles and mild puffiness around the eyes so those were a few things I wanted to address and correct. To combat the dehydration and prep her skin for makeup, I used the combination of a face oil from People for Plants and a rich moisturizer from Eve Lom that softens darkness and redness as well as providing relief for "tight, dehydrated, stretched and overworked" skin.

I then used an orange colour corrector just under the eyes to counteract the discolouration. A medium coverage, hydrating foundation was used to smooth out the texture of her skin and hydrate whilst giving enough coverage to hide imperfections. Foundations that are hydrating are better for our skin as we age, as it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles as well as bringing back our natural glow. MAC's Pro Longwear Concealer was used over the top of the foundation under the eyes and through the T-zone to highlight the face and conceal the dark circles. A soft amount of contouring was done, with a cream concealer and set with Benefit's bronzer!

Et voila! Smooth, younger looking skin with bright eyes!

(Excuse the bruised-looking eye in the first photo but I took the photo after starting her eyes!)

Product details: SKIN: @maccosmeticsaustralia Mineralize Foundation with Pro Longwear Concealer, @benefitaustralia Hoola Bronzer with @narsissist Orgasm Blush BROWS: @maccosmeticsaustralia Great Brows EYES: @maccosmeticsaustralia Semi Sweet X 9 Palette LIPS: @maccosmeticsaustralia

If you would like a transformation like this EMAIL ME and BOOK IN!!

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