Hello! You made it through my first, awkward makeup video.. Congrats! Let me talk you through what I did step-by-step.

To start with I used MAC Great Brows.. this is a new Brow Palette from my fav brand and after getting it, it quickly became my go-to. The palette comes with three powders, a medium brown, a darker brown and a highlight along with three mini brushes - a spooly to brush out dem brows, an angled one and a small oval one to apply the highlight (or to apply the browns as eyeshadow!). Now you can use both browns in the palette to create an ombre brow but I really only use the medium one. The reason for this is that I use another product that is darker to get that extra definition (I'll explain below). The powder is used to fill in most of my brow, just brushed through, not worrying too much about following the shape of my brow exactly. The idea is just to get the colour on there.

I then follow it with Benefit Ka Brow which is a cream-gel type product to define the shape of my brow. I like having bigger, thicker looking brows so I use Ka Brow in a clean line under the arch of my brow to give the illusion of a fuller, straighter one. I then turn the brush vertically and use the remaining product to gently streak through the front of my brow to square off the shape.

Sometimes I will finish this with a brow gel to set it but today I didn't. Ka Brow is waterproof so you can rest assured if you are adding fullness to your natural brow shape, this stuff will not budge.

And there you have it, my first video (of many more to come hopefully!)! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below :)

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