Why I Made My First YouTube Video

Beginning a YouTube channel has always been a daunting subject for me. Even making the decision to display my freelance makeup work was something I avoided for many years. I would say it took me about 5-6 years of being a Makeup artist to pluck up the courage to put my work out there.

Not for a lack of talent, I knew I was good at what I did from very early on.. but I could not find the connection with what I viewed as work and Social Media, and knowing how to use it as a tool in marketing myself as an Artist.

And to be honest, at that point in my life, I wasn't entirely sure I even wanted to put myself out there (outside of Sydney, that is) as a Makeup Artist.

I remember the day I met Lora Arellano. For those of you who aren't here for the Makeup chat, Lora is an former MAC Artist who went freelance and started posting her different looks on her Instagram. Fast forward to Rihanna spotting her work, sliding into her DM's and commissioning her to create a look on her for Halloween......NEK MINUTE LORA BECOMES HER PERSONAL MUA.

And now Lora is founder of her own extremely successful Makeup line MELT COSMETICS with fellow MUA Dana Bomar. Goaaaaaaalssssssssss!!!!

Lora was in Sydney for RiRi's Australian tour, so she and the rest of Ri's posse (sans Queen Fenty unfortunately..) decided to make a pitstop into the MAC counter I worked at. This was the early days of Instagram but Lora already had a huge following from her makeup work and at that stage I had been following her (and quietly obsessing over her look) for about a year or so. I recognised her as soon as she walked in and made a bee-line straight for her. After assisting with her purchase, I confessed I was one of her followers and she was actually so excited that she had a following in Australia (FYI Lora is a badass Mejicana from Los Angeles), she was so lovely and humble and I fan-girled about 10 times over in our five minute chat!

After they left, one of the Senior Artists from another counter pulled me to the side so we could de-brief my famous MUA encounter but also to give me a little info.. he told me I needed to get my work online and start promoting myself because those in the know said Ri (and some other famous peeps) would be on the lookout for another artist soon. That was back in 2013.......

Its been four years since that chat and I'm only now jumping on the YT train haha. Oh well, I'm here now and I guess all I can say is the time that its taken me to build the confidence to do this, I've learned a lot through observation. I'm seeing amazing production from YouTubers, different content and carving out my own niche within this (maybe) over-saturated online community.

So to cut it short.. here's my video. Head over to my channel and hit SUBSCRIBE because I can assure you if you enjoy my self-deprecating humour, you'll have a grand old time watching the videos to follow :)


Amelia x

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