My Huda Beauty Palette from CrystalMinx

Welcome back!!

The video above shows how I created this warm, summery look with my new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette.

I got my palette via Aussie website I've always been somewhat turned off by ordering makeup from overseas (will it break, how long will it take, am I even going to get it....?) so when I found out about CrystalMinx and that they stocked all the makeup brands I love, I had to order ASAP!!

I selected the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette because honestly, the sparkles and the colour.... omg... I had to have it. The palette was originally released last August but I knew it would sell out straight away and to be honest, having been a MUA for a decade I already have a billion eyeshadow palettes that would keep me occupied until I decided to get it.

It took me all of five minutes to pick my palette and process the sale. It was so quick and seamless, which I loved. After putting through my sale, I received a confirmation email immediately and my tracking number the very next day.

You know when you order something online and literally just wait until it gets to you? That was me.. I was so excited to get my palette.. I ordered it Thursday night and got it by Friday. SO FREAKING QUICK.

And of course, the palette arrived in perfect condition with Huda's gorgeous eyes staring up at me haha. It's my new staple set of shadows and I'm glad I have access to these brands in Australia. Finally!!

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