Superfood for your hair?! Okay!

So everyone knows how extra I am with maintaining my skin. When it comes to my hair however, I’m really not too fancy. That’s all changed now that I have literally the entire range of Natural World Haircare in my bathroom. It’s a British Haircare range that’s vegan🥗, cruelty-free🐰, GLUTEN-free and made with Superfood ingredients.. I have the whole collection but obviously not every product will be suitable for me since my hair is super fine and frizzes at the drop of a hat. At the moment, I’m loving the Brazilian Keratin Shampoo+Conditioner duo and I’ve been traveling with the mini Coconut Hair Oil🥥

So my hair has been suuuper smooth and shiny without being weighed down when my hair is out but also perfectly sleek when it’s up! Having a haircare range packed with good-for-you ingredients takes the stress out of using something that might exacerbate my sensitive scalp too. So to summarize, Natural World Haircare is funnn, sah on-trend, perf for my friends with allergies and sensitive skin AND stocked at Coles = healthy/accessible/guilt free💁🏽‍♀️🧡 #gifted#superfood#clean#saheasternsuburbs

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