Nudes, Bronzers, Glow Galore

As a Makeup Artist, I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest products; I can never go past a nude palette or luminous setting spray.

*Cue Vani-T Cosmetics with their timely package*

I received the Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Liquid Radiance Highlighter Drops, Dream Matte Bronzer and Ready Set Glow Setting Spray the day before I planned to film my Kim Kardashian Met Gala recreation. I had a quick play around with the products before settling in to film.

Eyeshadow Palette Nude $59.95

Eyeshadow Palette 'Nude'


The palette has 12 shades, a mix of mattes and shimmers. They are easily blended with a decent colour payoff. The colours are shades of warm nudes, terracotta, chocolate and a cranberry shade. There are shades for contouring, for brows, liner etc making it a very versatile palette which I love.

Liquid Radiance Drops


The Liquid Radiance Highlighter Drops were an absolute dream! The highlighter is softer than I expected and the finish is more glossy than straight up shimmer, which fit perfectly with Kim’s wet look skin.

For this specific look I wore it over foundation but it can definitely be used as a mixing medium to add luminosity to any product, even a moisturiser or concealer.

Dream Matte Bronzer


Now when it comes to bronzers used on myself, I tend to prefer something that's warm but not red warm, something more on the olive-ish side to go with my skin tone. Dream Matte Bronzer is a soft, warm shade that smooths on the skin with quite a lot of pigment. Not patchy on my unpowdered skin and gives me sun kissed glow that I'm craving as the colder season sets in. I also read that it contains Vitamin A which is exciting. Vitamin A is traditionally used at night as primarily an anti-aging ingredient so its interesting to find it in a makeup product.

Ready Set Glow - Setting Spray


The Setting Spray is more of an oil with a bronze shimmer and I’m into it. The spray mechanism could be altered as I prefer a fine, circular mist for more even coverage but the product itself is lovely. Perfect on the body to add shine and glow.

Vani-T Cosmetics is available online.


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