So.. what is BELLA BOX and do I need it??!

By now, you've probably heard of Bella Box or maybe even Wellness Box - it's healthy, goodness-packed sister!

In case you haven't (because you're obviously living under a rock!) Bella Box is a monthly-based subscription program where you get to try 5 (or more) of the latest and greatest products in Beauty for only $19.95 a month! A MONTH.

I received my Bella Box after I got back from a work trip and it was honestly the most welcome delivery. Packaged in a cute blue box, my products arrived with a card that tells me exactly what's inside along with a little spiel about each of them. So SO handy! Sometimes when I buy products, they might not have enough information on the box for me to even know what it does and what if - don't jinx me - I didn't have wifi handy to jump online to have a quick read about it?

So this little card definitely comes in clutch.

In total I snagged FIVE new products varying between full-size and deluxe sample size. I personally love me some minis, it's the best way to try out products without committing to full-size (and that's the beauty of Bella Box ;)).

First in the line-up is SEACRET Body Lotion Ocean 200mL

A skincare line based on ancient minerals, salt, water and mud from the Dead Sea. This body lotion smells so fresh and salty - the kind of scent that can be worn by anyone and it is also quick absorbing for easy application. At 200mL, its the largest product you receive.

ModelCo Highlighting Shimmer Whip 1mL

This little cutie is a gorgeous champagne shade that will not only suit most skin tones but is also so versatile! Place it on to the tops of your cheeks for a gorgeous highlight, make your eyes pop by dabbing a little to the inner corner, mix it into your favourite foundation or moisturiser! The possibilities! Such a great size to chuck in your bag for a glow-on-the-go type sitch.

Plunkett's Vita E Natural Vitamin E Cream 20g

Packed with Rosehip Oil and natural Vitamin E for super parched, dry, irritated skin. Improves hydration and elasticity. Such a fab cream if you're the dry and flaky type.

Subi Perfect Pimple Patch

I've yet to try these but they look so cool and I've been seeing these or ones like them on IG for a while now. I've been pretty loyal the last year to my favourite blemish treatment but I'm keen to give these a crack overnight!

Luna by Luna Eyeshadow 'Miracle'

Gorgeous texture, smooth application with little-to-no fallout in a beautiful aubergine shade. I LOVE shades like this, they make my eyes pop but are also an absolute dream for green eyes.

First time I've tried these shadows and I'm so impressed. Will definitely give this brand a go :)

If you're interested in giving Bella Box a try, head to the link below!

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